We Have Moved Locations

We are now located on the 2nd floor at 303 N Stadium Blvd. in Columbia. Our phone number has not changed ( 573-256-7772 ). If you have any questions, please contact us during our normal hours of operation.
Thank you!

Pela Cura Anti-Aging & Wellness: Find the new, youthful you!

We understand that medicine and aesthetics are not “one size fits all”. Our expert practitioners from a variety of specialties believe in listening to the patient rather than focusing solely on lab test results.

We believe that the answer to health issues is not to simply treat your symptoms with prescription pharmaceuticals—which often create new symptoms thanks to side effects—but rather to treat the underlying, root cause of your symptoms through an integrated, whole-person approach.

We believe that the answer to chronic illness and modern American health problems is a proactive one that is based on preventive medicine and a wellness model built on an integrative approach to anti-aging through nutrition, lifestyle modifications, hormone balancing, and aesthetic skin treatments. We invite you to take control of your health and experience a new, youthful you!